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On your profile is a spot to keep a list of your friends and your enemies in the game.
You can add as many allies as will accept you, but can only have five top allies showing at once on your profile.
To change your top five allies: click the link that says edit my top five, then move your choices into the red boxes and save.
To remove someone from your ally list go to edit allies and check the boxes next to their names.
When who you want to remove is checked, scroll down and hit the remove button.
To request someone to be your ally click the add to my allies on the top of their profile page.
To accept ally requests, go to members -->my allies, then click where it says you have X ally requests.
This will send them an ally request. If they accept the request they will be added to your allies.
You will be able to send allies comments that can be seen on their profiles.

You can only have up to five enemies at a time as well.
To add an enemy do the same but just click add to my enemies instead. No request will be sent to them for this.

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