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The Blacksmith is an extremely useful tool in progressing in the Outwar world. Located under the MarketPlace tab the Blacksmith can help you Gem, Ungem, Morph or Prestige your items. Essentially it can help you better the stats of your current items and thus increase your overall character stats.



Gemming items increases the statistics of an item, and melds a gem inside. Gemming items does not affect their critical hit, block percentages, or elemental stats but can affect everything else. There are four levels of gems:

Rarity Image:bsgreen.gif Image:bsblue.gif Image:bsred.gif Image:bswhite.gif
Common 5 points 6 points 7 points 8 points
Uncommon 10 points 12 points 14 points 16 points
Rare 15 points 30 points 45 points 60 points
Elite 20 points 45 points 70 points 95 points
Godly 25 points 60 points 95 points 130 points
Brutal 30 points 70 points 110 points 150 points
King 35 points 80 points 125 points 170 points

Each gem can only be bought if you bought the previous one. ie. you can only blue gem an item if you green gemmed it first.


Ungemming items removes gems and properties from an item, converting it back to its original state. The blacksmith can not ungem non artifact items. Essentially, this means that only items that have the same basic stats throughout the whole game can be ungemmed. This includes god and set items. The ungem feature will also remove any augments in your item. Upon ungemming an item, you receive 10 % of the cost of gemming back.


Morphing a set item into another item of that same set can be done by the Blacksmith. It's not guaranteed you'll get the set item of the slot you desire or need, so you may need to morph a set item several times before you get the one you need.
Due to recent changes Morphing is now free.


Prestiging adds magic properties to items that have NONE. Your item might be prestiged with any of the magical properties such as Critical Hit, Block (Shields), Exp per turn, Rage per turn, Max Rage or Rampage. What magic property your item gets prestiged with is completely random.
Cost: 20 Points


Recently introduced into the game, item cloning allows you to enhance a stand alone item with the power of a set bonus.
There are of course restrictions to this.

In order to clone an item, the item may not be a set piece to begin with, and you must own the piece you are cloning. For example you could not clone the power glove of celestial slaughter into the sovereign plasma rifle. You could clone the Sacred Blade of the Order into the sovereign plasma rifle, but you would have to already own the sovereign plasma rifle.

There is no restriction to how many items could be cloned into a particular spot, so you could have 4 different elemental resist/attack items in the same slot and never lose set bonus when you switched between them.

In order to receive a set bonus though, you must be wearing at least one non-cloned item of the set you cloned from.

Please take note that if you trade a cloned item via any means (Crew vault, item transfer, item to item trading, or treasury) it will lose it's cloned properties.

The cost to clone an item varies depending on what the set is and the rarity of the item becoming a clone.

(I will put a table in here for it shortly)

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