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There are three basic forms of fighting in outwar:


Player v.s. Player

Also known as PvP. You can attack other players in the game directly. To do this click the attack player link on the top of their profile. You can also attack a player you see while roaming around Diamond City. This is done by clicking the attack button next to their name (shown as a sword and axe crossed).

Crew Raids

Crews can go up against some mobs that are tough enough they have to have multiple Characters attack them at once. These can be Quests raids, Sets raids, or Gods raids. Even within these categories, Raids have varying degrees of difficulties.

Player v.s. Environment

Also known as Attacking mobs, dc'ing. You can attack all the creatures in Outwar. Some creatures cost more rage than others. Creatures also vary in levels as you travel around Diamond City (D.C.). This is a great way to gain experience for leveling. Some places in D.C. are better than others for experience, this may also vary depending on your level. Explore D.C. and find the best place that suites you and your characters stats.

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