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Crews are a huge part of Outwar. They are the link between you and the gods! You must join a crew and team up with other members of your crew to take down Guardian Raids (Gods) and Bosses. Winning nicer loot is the single most important aspect of defeating harder Guardians, (progressively). Your crew can also help you in player attacks by having a high GPS level.

You can start a new crew and grow it from the ground up or join an existing crew and help them grow even bigger. A crew has many jobs, from Leader all the way down to foot soldier. Every crew needs good accounts in it to hit the gods, but a crew is only as good as its raid joiners. These are the players that spot a god and join their best players into the raid from their trustee list.


Getting Started

A player who is not in a crew can get in one in two ways: by making their own, or by joining an existing crew. To create your own crew, simply go into the Treasury and get one of the 4 levels of crews there. The free headquarters requires you to get a number of people to sign your charter before the crew will be formed, the other 3 cost a different amount of points but also come with different upgrades built in. Once you have 5 members in your crew, you can begin to raid, but be warned, some raids can be very difficult.

Alternatively to creating your own crew, you can join another crew. To join a crew, you must first be invited. Try talking to the leader or other highly ranked member to receive an invite. Once you have been invited, you will get a message saying as much, and can join the crew.

Note: you may only join a crew if you haven't joined a different crew since the last day change(occurs at 12 AM outwar time).

Crew Permissions

From the Crew Manage page everyone in the crew can view a list of all members in the crew as well as their ranks. Crew leaders can allow certain ranks permissions (priveleges), however some permissions are reserved for the leader only.

Permissions reserved for the leader:
Disband the crew
Change leader
Change permissions

Permissions that can be given to other crew members:
Change Ranks: Change a player's rank
Invite/Boot: invite or boot people from the crew
Hitlist; Add or remove people to/from the hitlist and clear hitter statistics
Form Raids: Anyone can join a raid, they must have this rank to make one.
Forum: Make and remove sticky threads, and remove non sticky threads
Edit Crew : edit rank names, crew profile photo & description, message of the day, and crew news
Medals: Can make and award Crew Medals
Crew Points: can award crew points
Manage Vault: Can award or destroy vault items
Vault Deposit: Can deposit into crew vault
Crew Stones: can change crew stones
Msgs: can send crew messages either to every one in the crew, or everyone above a certain crew rank
Cancel Raids: can cancel formed raids
Crew leaders can allow or take away some, none or all of the permissions to a desired rank. All ranks can have individualized permissions.

Crew Upgrades

The leader of a crew and any crew member with Edit Crew permission can purchase upgrades for their crews via the Point Store. Additional upgrades can be obtained by equipping upgrade stones.

Morale Image:Morale.jpg Increases all crew members HP. Each upgrade gives a 1% HP increase. (Max Level 15)
Global Positioning System Image:Gps.jpg Increases the chance a crew member will assist you during attacks. (Max Level 50)
War Drums Image:War_drums.jpg Increases all members ATK. Each upgrade gives a 1% ATK increase. (Max Level 20)
Depository Image:Depository.jpg Increases points stolen from attacks. (Max Level 10)
Fury Image:Fury.jpg Awards each crew member 20 additional rage per turn. (Max Level 10)
Under Fire All crew members strip more exp from players on the crew hitlist. Each upgrade gives 1% increase. (Max Level 15)
Essential Resistance Increases all crew members resistances during crew raids. Each upgrade gives a 1% increase. (Max Level 15)
Essential Power Increases all crew members elemental power during crew raids. Each upgrade gives a 1% increase. (Max Level 15)
Maximum Temper Increases all crew members max rage cap. Each upgrade increases cap by 200. (Max Level 10)

Crew Communication

Once you've started or joined a crew, you may wish to socialise with other members. Communicating within the crew is very important because it allows you to understand what's going on, contribute to the crews success and helping the crew expand it's memberbase. Quite often it is the crews with the best communications and work ethic that go on to be successful.

There are many ways to communicate within your crew; several of these methods are using the tools that Outwar have provided: -

Crew Messages - Crew leaders (and members in ranks which have been given the permission to do so) can send Crew Messages to the crew - these messages appear in every members Outwar Message Center and can be used to send out important information about crew related topics. One disadvantage however is that they offer very limited support for crew discussion.

Crew Forums - Under the 'Crew' tab on the navigation you will see a link to the Forum. This is a basic forum which only members of the crew you are in can see. This is useful as it allows members to discuss crew related topics with each other, meaning crew leaders can gain knowledge of their members opinions on crew changes. It can also be used to post threads which have certain information regarding chat rooms or websites set up to help the crew.

Alternative ways of communicating within the crew can be done by using third party programs, something which many crews have used for years on Outwar. The most popular of the programs are: -

AOL Instant Messenger - A program which allows you to instant message other individuals using AIM for free - It also allows you to create Chat Rooms for mass chats.

mIRC - An Internet Relay Chat client which allows you to form, or join, chat rooms on specific servers. The chat rooms allow you create mIRC scripts which perform actions such as automatically making crew leaders an operator in the chat, and blocking members of rival crews from entering your crew's chat room.

Ventrilio - A program which allows you to voice chat with other individuals for free.

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