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The Basics

Equipment is one of the lynchpins of Outwar.

Your equipment is where most of your Stats come from.
Your Level, your Class, your Skills, and your Character Upgrades can all have an effect on your stats too, but the majority of your hit points, rage per turn, experience per turn, max rage, crit, rampage, block, etc. will come from your equipment.

Player Equipment

Players can equip up to 12 pieces of equipment.

3 skill orbs and 9 pieces of regular equipment.

Skill Orbs

Skill orbs can only be equipped, unequipped, traded, or scrapped. They can only be traded if they are Binding.

Skill orbs' only purpose are to add skill levels to the player. Each orb can add up to 2 levels for up to 3 skills which means a total bonus of +6 to a max of 3 skills from skill orbs at any one time (at least until you change your orbs). The only other equipment that adds skill levels are pants. Skill Orbs have their own backpack, and are most commonly found by killing Rare Spawn Mobs, though they can be purchased in the Treasury as well.

Regular Equipment

There are 9 slots on your character that hold regular equipment: Head, Weapon, Neck, Shield, Chest, Belt, Ring, Legs, and Feet.
There's not much to say about the group of them, except that all of them can be improved via options in the Blacksmith or by adding augments (we'll get to that in a minute).

There are a few item slots that are somewhat special,and we'll deal with those now:


Weapons are special in this game because (outside of a few rare exceptions, and set bonuses), they are the only slot that will increase a person's attack.


Shields are special because (outside of a few rare exceptions), they are the only slot that will increase a person's block.


Pants are the only piece of regular equipment that will will increase your skill level (see skill orbs for a more detailed explanation of skill level)


Augments can be obtained by drops from any mob in Diamond City, or by purchasing them from the Treasury.

You can add augments by clicking 'actions' on the left side of your browser, then clicking 'manage augments'.
The page that is displayed will contain two areas. The one on the left will contain all your gear that has augment slots, and the other will contain all of your augments on that character.

Simply locate the piece of equipment you wish to augment, select the aug from the right side, pick an augment slot (otherwise you might overwrite one, though it will prompt you if you attempt to overwrite one), and press the button.

There are a few restrictions here:
You can only use attack augments on weapons, and block augments on shields.
You can only put as many augments in an item as it has slots (you can add aug slots via an item for sale in the Treasury, up to a max of 5 aug slots).

Crew Equipment

Right now, crew stones are the only crew equipment there is.

Crew stones may be obtained either from raiding, or via the treasury (and possibly quests).

Crew Stones add levels to a Crew's upgrades.

Player Bound and Binding Items

Items that are Player-Bound can only be traded through the Item Transfer page for a fee that varies based on the item transferred. (Some player bound items can not be transferred even in this fashion).
Items that are Binding can be traded, but once equipped they become Player-Bound and can no longer be traded to other players.

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