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There are two types of Hitlists:

-Crew Hitlists

-Personal Hitlists

-Crew Hitlist-

Anyone on the server that you are on may be added to the Crew Hitlist by a member of your crew that has Hitlist Permission. You may have up to 100 people on a hitlist at a time, which is available to be upgraded using points via Crew Upgrades under the Point Center tab. The users on the hitlist will be ordered according to their level. You may click on their name to view their profile, or click the small square next to their name to directly go to the attack page. Crew members may also view their hitting stats (amount of hits and amount of experience stripped total) by clicking a link at the top of the hitlist.

-Personal Hitlist-

Works just like the Crew Hitlist, but only you can see your hitlist.

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