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In Outwar, players are allowed to attack other players to "strip" their experience, strength, supplies, and gold.

To attack a player, the user goes the the member they wish to attack's profile, and clicks the attack player icon. Once the player has clicked it, a mini pop up shows, and the user may choose to add a message to the attack, and also may set how much rage is used to attack the opposing player. There is a minimum of 2 rage required to attack a player, and a maximum of 50. Once the player launches the attack, the battle commences!

The first player to attack is the one who initiated it (unless the attacked character has the skill ambush cast, and the attacking player doesn't - see enhancements and skills for more info). He/she will attack the player for an amount of damage based off of their current stats. The opposing player will then attack next and the battle will continue until one or the other player is defeated.

If the player's crew has the gps skill purchased (or gps crew stones equipped) they also have a chance to receive a free attack from another player in his/her crew. This attack does not count as the player's attack, can not be blocked, and is not affected by resistance either. The player's chances of receiving a GPS attack is entirely dependant upon how upgraded crew's Global Positioning System is.

One key thing to remember is that the player who attacks first will always have an advantage. So, for example, should two players of identical strength be involved in a PvP attack, the player who attacked first will generally win.

HINT: The more rage you use to attack, the more experience you will strip from the other player. Certain skills can allow you to strip more experience. Other skills can protect you from attack. However, you can not strip past a players minimum experience

The treasury has items available for purchase that can help you in pvp. Aside from the many potions available to increase your stats, there are things like experience locks that will make other players unable to strip your experience, and the Gold Digger potion, which allows you to strip another player's gold - this is the only way to do so without having reached level 70 and purchased the gold bandit enhancement.

If a player has irritated you and you wish everyone to know it, you can make them a personal enemy which puts them on your Profile for everyone to see, and may cause your friends and allies to attack them as well. You can also add them to your personal or crew hitlist to make sure you never forget to punish this person for their transgressions, and (in the case of the crew hitlist) even enlist others into doing so as well. If you don't have the rights to add someone to your crew hitlist, you can always ask a higher ranking member to do so for you.

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