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This page is currently being worked on so that all current active quests will be displayed. Everything listed is considered a solo quest (if you are going for a quest completion achievement this would be helpful). So you know Todd's Errands is actually considered 10 quests.


Using This Quest List

This quest list is broken down into tables. Each Table (besides the first one) is broken down in groups of five levels.
Quest Name is the name of the quest in your log.
Location is where in dc the quest may be started.
Level requirement is the level you must be to start the quest.
Type is the general category that quest falls under.
Prerequisite is a quest that must be completed before the one being viewed
An asterisk (*) means the guide is not complete yet.

Inside the quest guides Quest Givers will be listed in Yellow, Mobs will be listed in Red, Quest Items will be listed in Orange, Locations in DC will be listed in Green, and Raids will be listed in Brown

General Quest Info

Quests offer the opportunity to obtain great items, large amounts of experience, and just have a fun time. There are quests for all levels, beginning with the First Quest all the way up to the Epic Quest for the Sacred Blade of the Order.

Quests are generally divided into 7 categories:

Training Quests - These quests should be completed first in order to unlock the other ones.
Guide Quests - These quests collect other quests you can do.
Collection Quests - These require giving an item, or items, to a mob to complete the quest
Kill Quests - Kill a set number of mobs
Combined Quests - Quests with numerous steps
Items Quests - Quests that reward you with an item
Crew Raid Quests - Quests that involve solo steps and raids

For the truly brave of heart, there are also Epic Quests that are very long, but give huge experience and some of the best items in the game.

Most quests will give you drops. It is recommended that you NEVER delete quest drops, as the size of your quest backpack is unlimited.

Levels 10-15

Snake AugmentColiseum10(?)itemNone
Tap the Holy FountainHoly Cathedral0(?)combinednone

Levels 16-20

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
A Bounty License?DC Enforcers20itemNone
Seething RuenicRancid's Wasteland Camp17collectionNone
Dr. Dreznor's StoryMonster Alley20Item/RepeatableNone
Get The Lost Foundry KeyMonster Alley20Item/RepeatableDr. Dreznor's Story
Lion AugmentColiseum20itemNone
Sorgh SwordColiseum20itemColiseum
Scavenger HuntSound Labratory20itemNone
MagicBeerCan 1The Drunken Clam20item/repeatableNone
Ghoulish DaggerStizzy Waterway Keep20itemNone
Grind Door MadnessStorage Area20itemNone
Loan CollectionBlackheart's Bank20combinedNone
Campaign FinancesCity Hall20combinedLoan collection
Lost GoldBlackheart's Bank20combinedCampaign Finances
Undead CurseBlackheart's Bank20combinedLost Gold

Levels 21-25

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Necessary DeedsChugger's Palace Bar21combinedNone
Holy Standthe Cathedral22combinedNone
Spreading Evilthe Cathedral23combinedNone
Alchemists QuestsAlchemist's Sanctuary, Sczecian Badlands25collectionNone
Whirling Energy StarStatue of Terrance25itemNone
Poised GargoyleSynge Destruction Area25collectionNone
Janitor DutyStorage Facility25collectionNone
Dragon ScalesChugger's Palace Bar25collectionNone
Rat Infested GatesGates of Dc25combinedNone
Rat Infested DocksDock's Entrance, Rallis25combinedRat Infested Gates
Rat Infested RuinsDock's Entrance, Stizzy25combinedRat Infested Docks
Kill Brute Fanaticsthe Fight Arena25killNone
TusksSound Labratory25collectionNone
Jemimas RecipeCement Block Company25itemNone
Swat Vest ReduxDC EnForcers25itemNone
Scorched MageCity Hall25killNone
Hall of Famethe Sunken Boat25collectionNone

Levels 26-30

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Refined Whirling BladeCity Hall26collectionWhirling Energy Star
Critical DeedsChugger's Palace Bar26combinedNecessary Deeds
Music EquipmentConcert Hall26collectionNone
Deranged OgresCement Block Company27collectionNone
Traxz ShipmentThe Mystical Forge27itemNone
Trophy Collectionthe Drunken Clam27collectionNone
Thought-Provokerthe Wharehouse27combinedNone
I Want to be a Bounty Hunterthe Drunken Clam30itemNone
Darko Betrayalfat tony's night club30killingnone
New Year's DesireHard Iron Saloon30killingnone
Panther AugmentColiseum30itemNone
Grind Door MadnessStorage Area30itemNone
Furious SpellcasterThe Wharehouse30killNone
Steel RodsThe Mystical Forge30collectionNone
Highsails Charmthe Boathouse30itemNone
Space Ranger AdventureMoon Base Alpha30combined/itemNone
Preserving KnowledgeSynge Destruction Area30collectionNone
Slap Your Troubles AwayHall of Fame30combined/itemNone

Sir Schack

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Sir Schack has ArrivedGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsNone
Part of the TeamGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsSir Schack has Arrived
Peace Be With UsGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsPart of the Team
Elemental FusionGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsPeace Be With Us
Latest FasionGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsElemental Fusion
Gang, UnitedGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsLatest Fasion
Stop and Smell the FlowersGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsGang, United
Going BigtimeGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsStop and Smell the Flowers
Shine OnGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsGoing Bigtime
Everything comes to an endGunsmoke's Boat30Lots of partsShine On

Smoldering Caverns

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Smoldering CavernsSmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsNone
FriendsSmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsNone
The BuildSmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsFriends
A small favor.Smoldering Caverns30Lots of partsThe Build
The Build ContinuesSmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsA small favor.
Another small favor.Smoldering Caverns30Lots of partsFriends
Final PreparationsSmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsAnother small favor.
Talk about what you learned.Smoldering Caverns30Lots of partsFinal Preparations
Help for a Scary LadySmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsnone
Tough GuySmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsnone
Tough Guy IISmoldering Caverns30Lots of partsTough Guy


Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Zimbobist Crusadethe Szecian Badlands30combined/itemNone
Zimbobist Replacement Necklacethe Szecian Badlands30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist LieutenantZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist ColonelZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist MajorZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist GeneralZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist High CommendationZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Top CommendationZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Advanced Blade SmithingZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set HelmZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set BootsZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set ChestZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set BeltZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set ShieldZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set RingZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade
Zimbobist Set WeaponZimbobist Sanctuary30combined/itemZimbobist Crusade


Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Fabarist CrusadeSzecian Badlands30combined/itemNone
Fabarist Replacement Necklacethe Szecian Badlands30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist LieutenantFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist ColonelFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist MajorFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist GeneralFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist High CommendationFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Top CommendationFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Advanced Blade SmithingFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set HelmFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set BootsFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set ChestFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set BeltFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set ShieldFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set RingFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade
Fabarist Set WeaponFabarist Sanctuary30combined/itemFabarist Crusade

Levels 31-35

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Ghosts and RobbersThe Drunken Clam31combinedCritical Deeds
Fishermans BoatDock's Entrance, Rallis31killNone
Coagulated KnightStizzy waterway Keep31itemNone
Mini Epicthe Drunken Clam35itemNone
Staff of Imolationthe Drunken Clam35itemNone
Charged DeviceThe Mysterious Lounge35itemMini Epic
Spider Fangsthe Dead Ends35collectionNone
Veronica Nightslayerthe Szecian Badlands35killNone
The Prophetic Harbingerthe Szecian Badlands35collectionVeronica Nightslayer
My Second Bounty!The Drunken Clam35itemI Want to be a Bounty Hunter
Waterway Mob BossesThe Drunken Clam35itemMy Second Bounty!
Ken'dral LootersThe Drunken Clam35itemWaterway Mob Bosses
Rallis Cleaning JobThe Drunken Clam35itemKen'dral Looters
The Apprentice Surpasses the MasterThe Drunken Clam35itemRallis Cleaning Job
And the morale?Morgan's Way35combinedNone
DisinfectedMoon Base Apollo35combinedNone

Levels 36-40

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Mini Epic Part 2the Underground Casino36collectionMini Epic
Kill D-SpidersThe Dead Ends36killNone
Epic 1.0Chugger's Palace Bar40itemNone
Zhul Set QuestsDc near Dc enforcers40collection/itemNone
Elephant AugmentColiseum40itemNone
Monster MashGunsmoke's Boat40killNone
Monster Mash 2Hall fo Fame40itemMonster Mash
Mini-Epic 2.0Ken'Dral's Castle40combinedMini Epic Part 2
Oblivion Set QuestsDeep Prison(dungeon of eternal shadow)40combined/itemNone
Epic 2.0Lower Badlands40combinedEpic 1.0
Need another shield?Stizzy Waterway Keep / Ken'Drals Castle40combinedEpic 2.0 / Mini-Epic 2.0
Grind Door MadnessStorage Area40itemNone
Revenge of the ChurchHoly Cathedral40KillNone
Animal IntensionsSzecian Badlands Path40KillNone

Levels 41-45

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Help a Town SurviveRotonwa45combined/item/eobNone
Fight for the RebellionSolent45combined/item/eobNone
Hunt for GloryGroton Caves45combined/item/eobNone
Todds ErrandsDusty Glass Tavern45combined/item/eobNone
Radiation PrototypeSudernwa45combinedTodds Errands(full quest line)
Kix WoodsEntrance, Kix Woods45combined/kix woodsTodds Errands
SnooksPineblood woods, Kix woods45combined/kix woodsKix Woods
DrakenBokroroo woods, Kix woods45combined/kix woodsKix Woods
HadleyKraw woods, Kix woods45combined/kix woodsKix Woods
IreneiaAequora woods, Kix woods45combined/kix woodsKix Woods
Snooks Inside ConnectionPineblood woods, Kix woods45combined/kix woodsKix Woods
New and ShinyRuins of Old Stizzy45None

Levels 46-50

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Stolen IngredientsGratches (EOB)50CombinationNone
Black LumberPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Capture The FlamesPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Flame from AbovePhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
The Sun monksPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
The DrakesPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Sun RelicsPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Douse the AshesPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Ashy RemainsPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
West Charland PyresPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Burning JuniperPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Dancing FlamesPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Find the SourcePhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
The Tormented VillagersPhoenix (Sun Wastes)50CombinationNone
Find My ChestResidential District50CombinationNone
Grind Door MadnessStorage Area50ItemNone
Sharp TeethResidental District50CombinationKix Woods
Demon OutbreakResidental District50CombinationKix Woods
Save the Eternal StarResidental District50Collection/Crew RaidKix Woods
TazarResidental District50KillingKix Woods
Bags of GoldEast Bunker50CollectionKix Woods
Weapon RecoveryEast Bunker50CollectionKix Woods
Revival of the BandEnforcer Headquarters50CombinationKix Woods
Loner TravelResidental District50CombinationKix Woods
SlithResidental District50CombinationLoner Travel
Stolen GasIndustrial District50CombinationLoner Travel
Upgraded GasIndustrial District50CombinationLoner Travel
District CleansingIndustrial District50CombinationLoner Travel
Graveyard HackIndustrial District50CollectionLoner Travel
ContraptionEternal Star HQ50CollectionLoner Travel
Handy WorkReactor Control50CollectionLoner Travel
Weary Warehouse BluesWarehouse50CombinationLoner Travel
Oh that SupervisorWarehouse50KillLoner Travel
Reactor....FailReactor Room50CombinationLoner Travel
Age of TruthReseach Center50CombinationLoner Travel
Gold RingFinancial District50CombinationLoner Travel
Prove WorthFinancial District50CombinationLoner Travel
Warm ClothesFinancial District50CombinationLoner Travel
Protect TradeFinancial District50CombinationLoner Travel
Forced MarriageLanding Pad50CombinationLoner Travel
Female AssultLanding Pad50KillingLoner Travel
When the light...goes the parking lotLanding Pad50CombinationLoner Travel
Seats in the SenateHouse of Senate50CombinationLoner Travel
Family SoupSenate House50CollectionLoner Travel
Space PioneerSpace Port50CombinationLoner Travel
Save Princess Lay YaSpace Port50CombinationLoner Travel
Breeding PitPower Control50CombinationLoner Travel
Access to the Scientific DistrictNorth Bunker50KillLoner Travel
Family JewelsScience District50CombinationAccess to the Scientific District
Paying RespectBunker Hill50TalkAccess to the Scientific District
Biology of the BossReseach Facillity50CollectionAccess to the Scientific District
Spice Spots a SpyPower Crystal50CollectionAccess to the Scientific District
Shakedown for the KnobsBunker Hill50CollectionAccess to the Scientific District
Access to the Underwater DistrictNorth Bunker50CollectionAccess to the Scientific District
Can You Hear or See Me Now?Executive Office50CombinationAccess to the Underwater District
Will the Real Head Spy Please Sit Down?Space Port50CombinationAccess to the Underwater District
Repair the StarResearch Facillity50CollectionAccess to the Underwater District

Levels 51-55

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
StoneRavenStoneRaven55collection/crew raidNone
Deeper into StoneRavenStoneRaven55collection/crew raidStoneRaven
Mutant studieskix woods55killnone

Levels 56-60

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Bacaba TreasureDusty Glass Tavern60collection/crew raidNone
Digging in the DirtHard Iron Saloon60collection/crew raidNone
Eye for an EyeHard Iron Saloon60collection/crew raidNone
Lost Her Man at Seathe Drunken Clam60collection/crew raidNone
Dude, where's my crate?the Drunken Clam60collection/crew raidNone
X marks the spotJungle of Bacaba60collection/crew raidNone
Second OfficerClif City60collection/crew raidNone
Rescue on the Lost IsleBuried Ruins of Bacaba60collection/crew raidNone
Lost Sailor JoseMarsh of Bacaba60collection/crew raidNone
Kobar's VaultJungle Town60collection/crew raidNone
Grind Door MadnessStorage Area60itemNone
The Ilanthro LegacyCastle Kilanthrope60killNone
Guilty as chargedKix Woods60KillNone

levels 65-70

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Please Save HimSpace Port65CombinationSave Princess Lay Ya
Rise of the PhoenixScientific District65CombinationCOES
Whats This?Core of the Phoenix65CombinationCOES
Ankators BaneCore of the Phoenix65CollectionWhats This?
Lost DaughterSun Wastes65CombinationCOES
Ice Crusted InvasionCore of the Phoenix65CombinationCOES
Training in ShadowsCrown of the Phoenix65CombinationRise of the Phoenix
The MountaineerCrown of the Phoenix65CombinationRise of the Phoenix
Curious TinkererCrown of the Phoenix65CombinationRise of the Phoenix
Total Inner PeaceCrown of the Phoenix65CombinationRise of the Phoenix
Blood for BloodCradle of the Phoenix65CombinationRise of the Phoenix
Slayer of NoobsDock Entrance70Kill/Crew RaidNone
Slayer of GodsDock Entrance70Crew RaidNone
Slayer of MonstersDock Entrance70Crew RaidNone
Slayer of AlchemyDock Entrance70CombinationNone
Slayer of ScienceDock Entrance70Crew RaidNone
Slayer of FallenDock Entrance70Kill/Crew RaidsNone
Slayer of StarsDock Entrance70Kill/Crew RaidsKix Woods
Slayer of RoyaltyDock Entrance70Crew RaidNone
Slayer of NightmaresDock Entrance70Crew RaidNone
Grind Door MadnessStorage Area70ItemNone

Levels 71-75

Quest NameLocationRequired LevelQuest TypePrerequisite
Knight of StarsCOES- Residential75ItemNone

Holiday Quests

These where only available during their given holiday.

Quest NameRequired Level
Halloween 200710
Christmas 200710
New Year 200710
2008 Olympics10
New Year 201030

Archived Quests

(Quest that are removed or no longer functions):

Quest NameRequired Level
The First Quest1
Drifters Task?
Drill Sargent?
Bechards Request?

Crew Raid Quests

(Quests that need to be raided with your crew):

Partly Crew Raid
Quest NameRequired Level
Gangland Armor20
Octave Armor20
Symphony Armor20
Government Issued Armor20
Elemental Armor20
Noc Armor30
Decayed Armor30
Destructive Armor30
Space Ranger Adventure30

Woz Quests

(Quests from War of Zhul 2009):

Quest NameRequired Level
Woz09 Fire Round?
Woz09 Arcane Round?
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