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Rage is a vital component of Outwar. It is needed for attacking other players, hunting in Diamond City, raiding with your Crew, and casting skills. A new character begins with 100 rage, and receives 10 rage per turn.

Max Rage - The maximum amount of rage you can have at one time. Any additional rage you would received is lost at the next turn once this maximum is reached.
Rage per Turn - How much rage you will get at the start of a turn. Each turn comes at the beginning of the hour.

As an added bonus upon Leveling (between levels 1 and 30), you receive a potion called a traveler's rage potion which gives 2000 rage. At the moment going up more than one level a time will only grant you one potion, or no potions if your end level is higher than level 30

In addition to the hourly rage, you can also purchase rage and rage potions in the Treasury. The Treasury also contains Personal Upgrades to increase your base Max Rage or Rage Per Turn.

you may also increase your rage stats through the purchase of enhancements.

Your character can be improved even more by finding, trading, or buying Equipment with bonuses to rage or max rage.

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