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Crew raids are a very important for you and your crew to get better items and make your characters stronger.

There are several different types of raids that your crew can attempt. You can raid sets in parts to give to players in your crew and help each of them complete their set or you can raid Guardians(Gods) or server mobs.



Sets are a collection of several items (one for each body slot). They are obtained by combining pieces of inventory items that are dropped by set mobs by turning them into certain persons located throughout Diamond City. Different persons in Diamond City help you obtaining different sets. Sets are there to help mostly the newer players gain experience and power faster


You can also raid Guardians to get items, which spawn at random times. All crews are allowed to attempt the guardian, but only the first crew to beat it will receive the treasure.

Server Mobs

There are also 9 server-wide mobs on each server. Blackhand, Chancellor Fangore, Lord Sandelman, Gargantuan Titan of Neudeus, Jarule, Ruler of Bones, Tallius, Bird of Wrath, Pythor, Snake of Malice, Dragon of Darkness, Dragon of Wonder -which any crew on your server can participate in raiding; the higher total damage your crew does to the boss the higher the likelihood of it dropping items for you.

When you raid any of these bosses you also have a chance that Crew Upgrade Stones (except the server mobs) or Augments will drop for you. Anything won from a crew raid will be stored in the crew vault.

How to raid

To raid you will need to find a God in Diamond City that is spawned (alive) or a set mob that your crew would like to go for.

Then, a character with raiding privileges (See: Crew) can form the raid by clicking on the God or set mob.
Next you will need join other characters into the raid until you are sure you have enough to beat the mob. Then you can go ahead and launch

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