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Sets are an important part of the game. While some can be obtained by killing random mobs in the area we know to be Diamond City the majority will come from participating within crew raids.

You might wonder why sets are important, and that is a fair question. For some people who can not get the high level gods; being 'setted' is a good way to get some good rage/exp/max rage and other stats as well as get an added atk/def bonus when wearing the complete set. Being 'setted' is also a good stepping stone to moving along the path to being the biggest or baddest or most popular in your class.

Each crew raid set will drop different articles that will need to be turned into to a certain person or mob within Diamond City. When each component; and for each set there are five components, is turned in you will receive one piece of gear.

If the piece of gear you obtain is a duplicate then you can go to the blacksmith and try to morph the item into one you do not have. Please be patient there is no guarantee on what item you will ever get from a morph.

The people you must defeat via crew raids are scattered in different areas throughout Diamond City and upon finding and defeating each one you have a chance at getting dropped pieces needed to complete the sets.

Each set also has its perks and downfalls. While some have more rage.. others might have more exp.. and some might have more max rage. The set you attempt to complete is all dependant upon what stats you are after.


Non-Crew Raid

These are item pieces that can be found by killing mobs within Diamond City (with the exception of the zhulian berserker set). Often you will need to go and morph them to complete a set.

Dissimulation (+15 attack/+20 hp)

Extremity (+15 attack/+75 hp)

Osteology (+28 attack/+170 hp)

Champion (+35 attack/+245 hp)

War-Hardened (+40 attack/+300 hp)

Zhulian Berserker (No bonus)

Crew Raid

These are sets that must be done with your crew. You must raid (See. Raid) the 5 mobs for each set and collect 8 pieces of each type.

Cobalt (+10 attack/+50 hp)

Gangland (+20 attack/+100 hp)

Octave (+22 attack/+120 hp)

Symphony (+25 attack/+150 hp)

Government (+30 attack/+195 hp)

Elemental (+33 attack/+220 hp)

Decay (+38 attack/+265 hp)

Nocturnal (+42 attack/+300 hp)

Destructive (+75 attack/+400 hp)

Eternity (+475 attack/+1500 hp)

Special Crew Set

Bushido (+25 attack/+250 hp)

Oblivion (+250 attack/+1000 hp)

Instance Raids

The following sets are only available by obtaining the necessary items to enter the instances - an instance is a section of dc that is only enterable through unusual means. There is no competition for the bosses in these instances.

Stone Raven (while not truly a set, it is a batch of gear that comes from an instance)

Celestial (+850 attack/+3000 hp)

Godly Protection (+1000 attack/+3500 hp)

Solo Quest

These sets are done by completing quests found around DC. These can be very difficult and could require a strong character and lots of time.

Battle Uniform (+35 attack/+50 hp)

Holy (+25 attack/+400hp)

Berserking (+50 attack/+150 hp)

Sovereign Set (+350 attack/+2000 hp)

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