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There are a number of stats which Equipment can contain.
Most can be multiplied by gem multipliers, but some are fixed.
Stats can also be boosted by Skills, and enhancements.


Variable Stats

These stats are affected by gem multipliers.


Attack helps you destroy an opponent faster. It is most commonly found on weapon items.

Hit Points

Hit points help you outlast your enemy. They are most commonly found on all item slots but weapons.


Experience is found on all item slots. It gives you a certain number of experience per turn, which not only allows you to level up and gain a greater base damage (atk/hp), but it also is an indication of how much you have participated in Outwar.


Rage is found on all item slots. You receive rage each hour, and rage is used in nearly all attacks and is necessary for skills. The more rage you have, the more actions you can complete in Outwar per hour.

Max Rage

Max rage is the maximum rage you can have at any given time; any rage generated per turn that exceeds this capacity will not increase your rage. This stat is increased by receiving items that have a +### Max Rage.


Has been broken for a while, please stay tuned to the news for its repair

Fixed Stats

These stats are unaffected by gem multipliers.

Critical Hit

Critical hit percentage increases the chance for you to make a critical hit when attacking other characters. When you make a critical hit, your attack on a player, or mob, or in a raid is increased up to 2x the amount for which you would have normally hit. As with rampage, the maximum critical hit is 100%; anything over 100% will not contribute to the effect. Critial hit can be found in all item slots. As of right now, anything between 100-104% does NOT guarantee a critical hit. Maximum Critical percentage is 127%.


Block percentage increases the chance to completely block incoming physical damage for a single attack from a player, mob, or a raid. Block is most commonly found on shields. Maximum block achievable is 45%. Tome of the shield wall will double your BASE block %, not block given by skills such as Fortify or Protection. Block augments do count towards your BASE block % and are recommended if you are seeking to reach the maximum amount achievable.

Gold per Turn

The newest stat to hit outwar. It acts the same as rage per turn and experience per turn: you get the amount of gold listed at every hour change.


Your resistance to physical damage. The only current known ways to obtain this stat are with the skill forcefield, or the enhancement Boss's Boss and they only apply during raids.

Elemental Damage

There are 5 different elements in outwar: Kinetic, Fire, Arcane, Shadow, and Holy. The exact amount of damage each one does is determined by the defender's elemental resistance. Elemental damage may be gained through skills, crew skills, enhancements, and certain equipment and augments.

Elemental Resistance

Each of the five types of elemental resistance start off at 0 for all players, but can be increased through the same means (though not exactly the same way) that elemental damage may be. Every 10 resistance will net you 1% resistance up to a maximum of 900, or 90% resistance for players. Note that mobs are not bound by these limitations, there are mobs/raids with negative resistances causing them to be weak to certain elements. There also are some mobs/raids that have 100% resistance to certain elements causing them to be completely immune. There have even been mobs that had resistance over 100% which caused them to regain health when attacked with said element.

Elemental Block

Elemental block comes in 6 flavors: one for each of the elements and one for all elements. It will increase your chance to completely block all damage of an element (or elements) from a single attack by a mob, raid, or player. Elemental block may be increased through the use of skills, enhancements, and a few of the most recent shields.

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