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There are trainers to level up at every bar in diamond city. Here is a complete list on the bars and the trainers in them.

  • Dusty Glass tavern - Barkeep Johnny
  • Chuggers palace Bar - Viper Vicky, Bartender
  • Drunken clam - Walshy, Bar owner
  • Hard Iron saloon - J.P, barkeep of Stizzy
  • Dominic's restaurant - A bartender

Training to go up in level gives you a Stat bonus each level to your attack and defense. You can also buy more Supplies as you level up. In addition every time you level up your minimum experience locks at the minimum for your new level. Skill points are awarded every even-numbered level beginning with level ten. These skill points can be used to buy the skills you want on your character. Refer to skills page for more info on these.

You can also change which bar is your teleport bar by going into the same room as the bartender and click on "Make __________ my home!"

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