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The treasury came in as a replacement for the old Trade Block, Item to Item Trades were added later to allow you to just trade items with another player.

The Treasury is where players can go to spend Points, Experience, or Gold to buy a variety of items.

You can buy consumable items such as almost any type of Potion, Character Upgrades, or even items for the Cauldron.

You can also buy Equipment of all types (even crew stones, orbs, Quest Items, and tomes-- books that grant your character an upgrade of some sort, usually) from the Vendor or other players (for points only, player to player sales are charged a 3% tax).

There is a shoutbox for the treasury that you can use to advertise your wares (items up for trade), though be careful, any non treasury related post will be removed.

They recently added a Gold Store to the treasury as well.

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